Reika was founded as "Maschinenfabrik Reinery" in Hagen-Kabel, Germany, in the year  of 1906. Founder and engineer Rudolph Reinery developed and designed with his staff of engineers and employees mainly threading machines, equipped with chaser jaw heads. The heads were designed as self-opening constructions to produce threads in a single working stroke. Business developed well and in the 1920s a tool shop with in-house heat treatment was opened. International Patents were granted for many new developments.

After World War II, the workshops were dismantled and the company was severely weakened. The company was subsequently rebuilt and many new machine types, like cutting-machines with rotating tool heads, were developed. Following the death of founder Rudolph Reinery in the early 50s, the founder’s family decided that the company should be taken care of by others. From then on, the development of the new business continued quickly with cut-off machines replacing threading machines as the company’s main product.

Already in the late sixties, automation of the cutting-machines stepped forward with loading magazines and discharge devices for raw and finished material. Now the cut-off machines were built not only for practical workshop use but could also be incorporated into serial production of large numbers. A new market was born.

Sales of the threading machines were stopped in the early 1970s, as CNC-threading machines ruled the market. Focus was now on the automotive industry. Reika concentrated on new product designs for the manufacture of automatic chip forming and chipless cutting lines with one or more endworking machines.  



Another new market was the tube industry. As the first machine tool manufacturer worldwide, Reika started building cut-off machines with self-clamping carbide tools.

The feeding systems were expanded to belt conveyor and walking beam systems. Now complex finishing lines with different types of cutting and endworking machines or testing lines could be supplied to the tube mills. 

During the 80s we started production of automatic transport systems with unmanned operation and material tracking as an integral part. Until today, this is an important division of our products.

Another important division is the design and manufacture of lines for gas pressure   spring and shock absorber production. Prototypes were developed already in the seventies. During the nineties, the international market was extended. Reika captured the Chinese and US tube mills.

In 2004, the traditional, well-established Hagen company was taken over by Graebener Group and since then, professional design and production of our products has successfully continued. Straightening machines and our RingSaw rule the market.

Today we proudly look back on thousands of machines and lines delivered to international customers. They enjoy an excellent reputation, worldwide.