Successful start-up at TMK surprassed all expectations

New RingSaw® for heat treated pipes

The challenge was sizeable. But the production start has surpassed all expectations:  Russian global player TMK has started production with its first RingSaw® right on schedule. Heat-treated tubes made of high tensile steel are now processed in TMK’s largest tube plant in Volzhsky by Reika’s high-precision and cost effective RingSaw®. "Our customer is thrilled and the production started according to plan: We could hardly have wished for a more successful project conclusion", smiles Reika Managing Director Hans-Jörg Braun. At the inauguration ceremony of the new plant, which took place in front of the Executive Board of the globally operating TMK enterprise, reactions ranged from amazed to delighted and forthcoming RingSaw® projects were eagerly discussed.

The machine design, with the saw head which rotates around the fixed work piece, is now known worldwide for its high-precision cutting technology: it provides world market leaders with a decisive competitive advantage. In a tube diameter range up to 16” and with wall thicknesses up to 50 mm, the cut is absolutely right-angled and almost burr-free thanks to the special cutting process.
Another big advantage of the RingSaw®: heavy comma-shaped chips and no magnetization during the cutting process, so that chips are not left sticking to the pipe material, but are discharged directly to the chip conveyor. In total, these advantages save rework and increase production numbers, leading to around 100 tubes per hour with the RingSaw®.

Reika has always focussed on meeting the highest standards and individual customer requirements and the RingSaw® is no exception. Director Hans-Jörg Braun gives an idea of the breadth of demand: “The new machine in Volzhsky is designed to cut heat-treated pipes within a diameter range from 5”to 16". The wall thickness is between 0.50” and 2.00" and the length of the pipes ranges from 6.0 m to 14.0 m. The steel is heat-treated, high-strength steel to API 5CT standard with a tensile strength of up to 1200 N/mm²”.

Customer feedback from the past six years has also been consistent with the findings that, with the RingSaw® technology compared to a conventional carbide saw, tool savings of up to 80 percent can be achieved with increases in performance of 30 to 60 percent. "High tool life and short tool changing times ensure high availability," Braun explains.

Global concern TMK Group has sufficient confidence in the economic potential of the RingSaw® technology to invest in it heavily. All production facilities of this leading pipe group are to be gradually equipped with the innovative saw blade produced by Reika. In the meantime, the next 16“ Ring Saw has already been ordered by another large-scale Russian tube manufacturer of hot-rolled and heat treated tubes.