Reika reports strong growth in Automotive Sector

High precision at unbeatable low production costs: With this combination, Reika continues to set standards when cutting precision steel tubes for automotive applications. The two largest German automotive groups and various automotive suppliers benefit from this in many ways. For the new CVJ (Constant Velocity Joints) blank production, the world´s largest car manufacturer secured a new Reika high speed cutting line. Four Reika lines are already working successfully for many years now at the customer‘s premises. With the fifth machine, there will be a total production capacity in Wolfsburg of app. 100.000 pcs /day.

The new compact line 224/324 is a custom-made product, precisely manufacturing the cage blanks precisely to the Micrometer (part standard length deviation: 2,2 my) with integrated end processing. According to the customer's requirements, the line is tailored to two tube sizes. These different tubes and blank geometries can be switched to two subsequent press lines and processed fully automatically without any operator intervention. Thanks to the automatic tool changer in the finishing process and a tailor-made clamping system, which allows optimum clamping force without any surface scratches of both tube diameters, there are no time and cost-intensive changeover times. Powerful wide range motor spindles are equipped with intelligent process monitoring, so important information, such as tool wear, is transmitted to the operator at an early stage. "We want our customers to be able to act rather than react. This saves money, in addition to time, and secures a faster return on investment, "explains Reika Managing Director Hans-Jörg Braun.

In any case, process cost of the innovative Reika cutting systems are unbeatably low compared to competing processes. On the one hand, because of the rather low air consumption of the Reika lines -while competing sawing machines must have a 10-bar supply net to remove small chips and quick motion, the Reika cutting lines work with a 6-bar net. Since the precision tubes are processed dry, without any coolant and without any saw chips, cleaning after the cutting process is not necessary. Since the costs of compressed air are still underestimated and not allocated to the individual machine in the production plants, the automotive industry once again plays a pioneer role in terms of operating cost analysis. On the other hand, the tool cost during cutting, either with carbide inserts or roller blades, are significantly lower than during the sawing process, especially when working with carbide saws. Case studies proof cost advantages during three-shift operation can sum up to € 280.000, -- / year and more.

Reika‘s high-speed cutting lines offer compelling advantages for the manufacturers of tubular parts in terms of cost and quality. The combination of chip less and chip forming cutting on one machine is unique and the basis for high flexibility at minimum tool cost. Both cutting processes as well as end working in one single machine: Anyone who has ever benefited from this efficiency will always return, like many automotive suppliers, in particular those for shock absorbers and gas pressure springs. By the end of this year, a number of new lines are scheduled to start production in time.

Additional Reika lines have already been scheduled for longstanding customers.