Amazing and superior technological solutions
Customers fascinated by the Open House event of three Graebener Group companies
The Open House event of the Graebener Group was a resounding success. At the locations Quartier Landeskrone and Quartier Elkersberg the companies Gräbener Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Reika GmbH & Co. KG and H. Kleinknecht GmbH & Co. KG opened their doors in order to present their latest developments to the visitors. In addition to this, Reika introduced the new demonstration and processing center.
In this workshop, which is located right next to the highway, the customers were able to survey the quality of the Reika machines during operation. An operation that has become even more important since Reika, together with the customer, conducts tool tests and further developments with the machines available at the demonstration center, especially with the machines of the RingSaw® series. Managing Director, Hans-Jörg Braun, is certain "that this is the best way for Reika to learn and determine which tool is most suitable for the customer's material thus leading to optimum results". The customer simply supplies the material and does not need to assign any of his own machines for the testing process which would impact his production. "On the other hand, this is also an ideal way to convince the customer of the superior qualities of our RingSaw® technology."
This goal was already met during the open house event. Even though customers already knew the RingSaw®, they were still amazed at the features of the machine series for the cutting of tubes, profiles and bars and for various applications concerning the separation of tubes and bars. The cut is almost free of burrs and the tool costs are significantly reduced in comparison to conventional hard metal saws while at the same time speeding up the performance. Hans-Jörg Braun: "That is the major advantage of our demonstration center. Here, the customer can experience the features of our machines directly – under most various conditions with different materials."
While Reika presented their vast experience with the cutting and processing of precision tubes, Gräbener showed their abilities at the Quartier Landeskrone with machines of completely different dimensions. The two 4-roll bending machines currently being assembled there are nearly ready to the shipped to a manufacturer of offshore monopiles. They are used for bending plates with a wall thickness of up to 150 mm to individual pipe sections with a diameter of up to 10 m. These two machines with the fully adjustable plate handling system represent the absolute state-of-the-art currently available in the sector of roll bending machines for the preferably automated bending of cones as well as cylindrical sections of any required plate thickness.
The final participant of the Open House event was the company Kleinknecht having pooled their mechanical competences at the Quartier Landeskrone. Here, Kleinknecht manufactures test stands for (dual clutch) gears, components, electronic as well as hybrid motors and electric discharge texturing (EDT) machines for renowned customers worldwide.




Straightening Machines are selling like hotcakes

Customers purchase another four lines from Reika GmbH & Co. KG

The success just does not stop: This year's spring edition of Graebener Group "Update" reported that Reika GmbH & Co KG secured several orders for various tube straightening machines. Over the last six months, the Hagen based company has received four more orders for 10-roll straightening machines. The first of these machines was already delivered to Russia in the beginning of October. A second machine is currently being transported there. The third machine is built for the French market and the fourth is intended for the Chinese market. All four machines were purchased by renowned pipe manufacturers as a replacement of existing machines by other manufacturers.


Andreas Zimball, Sales Manager at Reika, explains why these straightening machines are such top sellers at the moment: "Countries such as France and China are investing in nuclear power stations. The duplex stainless steel tubes for heat exchanger systems used for such power stations must be of the highest precision." The stainless steel tubes have a length of up to 30 meters, but the general tube diameter only is up to 25 mm. In order to meet the quality requirements for such extremely sensitive tubes, the machines are equipped with the corresponding technical features to ensure finest accuracy and high precision. "By the way, all Reika machines offer high precision, without any exceptions," vows Zimball.


Main features of the roll straightening machines built in Hagen are robust, torsion and vibration resistant steel frame constructions, material saving in- and outlet channels, individual drives for the compensation of the roller wear. The machines also have a completely closed and compact design in order to meet the market's requirements regarding noise levels and environmental protection. In addition to this, Reika has chosen rollers with large diameters for the straightening machines in order to guarantee a low-wear operation. The maintenance free roller carriers are clamped centrally so that a precise angle and height adjustment without any backlash is ensured. The company of the Graebener Group has also focused on optimum maintenance and operation: Thanks to the design, the interior of the machine is easily accessible without any interfering edges.


Reika and also the customers firmly believe that this state-of-the-art machine design, which is of course engineered using most modern 3D CAD systems and FEA simulations, eliminates the flaws of comparable products by other competitors. For example, the adjusting and guiding components are protected against scales, dirt and water in order to prevent corrosion and excessive wear. The automatic, self-learning and network-compatible CNC machine control, which ensures an optimum operating comfort and significantly reduces the setup times, is another decisive factor for the customers.


For Reika, considering the customers' needs and requirements goes without saying. Zimball: "All our straightening machines aim at surpassing the customers' expectations regarding the highest straightening accuracy." Therefore, the customer can benefit from an increased material throughput.


"Our machines ensure a high productivity," promises Zimball. "Especially the significantly increased precision concerning the straightness of the tubes and the elimination of unstraightened tubes provide the customers with an immediate economic advantage so that the return on investment can be achieved within a very short period of time." This promise applies for all kinds of tubes and materials: hot-rolled, drawn, cold-pilgered or longitudinally welded, with low and high levels of material strength.



Reika and Gräbener Maschinentechnik still rocking machine tool world
Innovation all about tubes




Positive headlines recently attracted substantial attention on German machine tool enterprises REIKA and GRÄBENER MASCHINENTECHNIK of the Graebener Group.
The former by receiving considerable attention with their RingSaw® premiere to the machine tool world, a revolutionary design for cutting of tubes, profiles and bars, the latter recording a big order for the delivery of seven machines to a new pipe mill in Saudi Arabia.
REIKA’s RingSaw® Avantgarde has the potential to become tomorrow's classics:
Detailed test runs together with leading manufacturers of roller bearings confirmed and yet even exceeded their expectations with remarkable savings by that new technology saw head that orbits the stationary workpiece: cost savings of 50 to 80 percent, compared to conventional carbide saws and 30 to 60 percent faster, leading to rapid return on investment.
Meanwhile, recent test runs with bars, smaller (40 mm dia.) and bigger (600 mm dia.) tubes, reported impressive results. So everybody at REIKA is really proud of this machine, performing almost every day since its launch at the TUBE Show in Düsseldorf in April 2010. But the company, based in Hagen (North Rine Westphalia - Germany), is still anxious to keep the tool technology up to date. High-tech tools are constantly being developed to optimize the outstanding results.
Continous development is also the Keyword at Gräbener Maschinentechnik. Amongst Hydroforming and Hot-Stamping-Presses and Plate edge milling machines for manufacture of ship deck sections, there is particular attention for machine tools to manufacture longitudinal welded tubes. Milling machines, pipe forming presses, 3- and 4-roll bending machines, post-bending presses, continuous root tacking machines, end facing machines etc., all machines will be constantly updated to the latest technological standards with special care to well known Gräbener reliability. 
Most recent example is Gräbener’s pipe forming press delivered to a tube mill in Malaysia, being among the fastest in the world. Gräbener engineers and technicians reduced the real tube bending time to 3 minutes, outstanding proof for Graebener Group performance and success.