Factory Acceptance Test finished in record-breaking time

Following the preliminary acceptance, REIKA has now also finished the factory acceptance test of the 24 inch chamfering machine model 382 in record time.

The replacement of the 24 year old line in the Salzgitter tube mill went smoothly. The new line has been in continuous operation for several weeks now, delivering ton after ton of precisely machined steel tubes as a "workhorse". New comfortable features for the operators are, apart from a perfect noise and emission reduction, the ergonomic operation with integrated safety concept as well as the optimized tool handling. As a result of drive optimizing, further reduction in the CO2 value can also be recorded positive by the customer.

The latest generation of REIKA chamfering lines operating according to API 5 L & CT standards, is used for weld and thread preparation of longitudinally welded steel tubes with a wall thickness of up to 25.4 mm and a material strength of up to 900 N/mm2. The line is equipped with a concentric and automatically adjustable 3-jaw clamping system as well as complete tooling systems for different API angles and geometries. Fast changeover times are achieved by the quick tool change system with integrated handling device and tool monitoring. A completely re-designed rugged high-performance spindle unit with up to 100 kW continuous power ensures extreme cutting performance.

Best known for the reliability and service life of the machines, REIKA has once again secured pipe production at the Hamm plant for at least 20 years.