REIKA starts joyfully and expectantly into the new year 2021!

What a crazy year 2020! ...

What a crazy year 2020! Especially the cancelled world fair TUBE 2020 in Düsseldorf left another impact in our industry. Nevertheless, the initiative of the ITA (International Tube Association), the first virtual trade fair, the Netforum, took part. With this new platform, companies can come together with their customers and exchange information without physical contacts. This particular event brought new experiences and certainly stimulation for more activities of this kind. conversation, Presentations, chat functions and technical videos were brought on a wide platform and range. 

The start of the new year at REIKA will be spurred on by the move into the new building and is eagerly awaited by the employees. Only the famous "little things" are currently being prepared in the final stages and nothing more stands in the way of the move.

We can therefore look back on an exciting year 2020  and look forward to the coming better time after the worldwide pandemic.