Big success for REIKA at worldwide leading companies in Mexico

First, Reika convinced a German/Mexican premium manufacturer of shock absorbers - 2 new 215/318 short-fix length cutting lines were ordered in the first stage of the new plant expansion in Mexico.

Once again, low investment and operating costs of the lines and the associated low unit costs proved to be the key input for decisions. In times of extreme energy and material costs, optimized design of the lines for the products is becoming increasingly important, and not only in Europe!

Shortly after, Mexico's leading steel pipe manufacturer followed and ordered a RingSaw CSM105 for the coupling production. The plant in Mexico belongs to an international company being one of the largest manufacturers of steel tubes and tube products in the world - a longtime Reika customer for many decades. As positive experience with Reika's Ring Saw technology has been seen in production for several years, the decision was easy. The high output and the tight tolerances of the coupling blanks in terms of length and squareness result in strong economic advantages, especially for further machining on the lathes. Thus, the entire production chain is optimized and overall costs are reduced.