RingSaw®-Technology captures the pipe market for processing of premium couplings and cutting of tempered tubes

For leading manufacturers of premium couplings, precision has a new name when cutting steel pipes: RingSaw®.

The machine technology of the German equipment manufacturer Reika is increasingly getting into the focus of international pipe manufacturers. Shortly before the delivery of a fully automatic RingSaw® production line with robot and turning machines to a leading Russian steel pipe manufacturer, another large international pipe manufacturers want to profit from the new cutting technology. A completely flexible and powerful production cell consisting of RingSaw®, lathes and robots has been developed in the recent years with focus on using low cost standard turning machines for turning of the premium couplings. The fully automated production cell, its modular design giving it a high level of adaptability, performs outside and inside turning and potentially also thread cutting. Marking units, measuring stations and material tracking are also provided in the automatic process. Minimum workforce for multi-machine operation increases the profits of production. Automatic palletizing with an integrated automatic pallet changer is also provided.

During the lecture at the ITA conference in November, Reika will present the RingSaw® concept, providing economic key advantages in the blank production for premium couplings. "We are very pleased with the great attention our RingSaw® concept is currently experiencing,” says Reika CEO Hans-Jörg Braun. “Inquiries are increasing as the positive production results get about quickly.”
Reika will also invite to an open house event at its premises in Hagen, Germany, in November this year as a response to the growing interest. Tube manufacturers will be able to see first-hand the quality of the RingSaw®. "Seeing is believing," says Braun, who would rather convince with results than with words. "Everyone can claim to offer the highest quality. But we can show it.”

The RingSaw® concept is based on a special saw head rotating around the fixed workpiece and is, above all, convincing due to the high-precision cutting quality in terms of squareness, length tolerance and even cutting surface. Thanks to the RingSaw®, the cut is right-angled and almost burr-free within a pipe diameter range of 100-610 mm. Therefore, facing on the lathes is no longer necessary, the coupling blanks will be machined externally and, if necessary, also internally on heavy duty turning machines. The positioning of the blanks is perpendicular to the center line of the lathe chuck and therefore the machining depth can be reduced.

Customer feedback from the past six years consistently prove that tool cost savings of up to 80 percent with a 40 to 60 percent increase in productivity can be achieved on the RingSaw® compared to conventional carbide saws. "High tool life and short tool changing times also ensure high availability for our customers. The return on investment is therefore secured in a very short time," explains Braun.
However, each RingSaw® is an individual solution, tailored to the requirements of the customer. From 2018 onwards, the Russian global player will be able to produce up to 300 coupling blanks per hour according to API Standards on a single machine. More Reika lines will follow and the RingSaw® production cell can also be extended to final processing.