Our mission: Reliability, precision and innovation for your production.

_ Reika was founded as „Maschinenfabrik Reinery“ in 1906. From the very start, we developed machines and techniques for processing tubes for ever faster, more precise and more efficient production. Today, Reika is one of the leading manufacturers of turnkey lines for tube processing. We proudly look back on this development, driving us daily to a better performance in quality and innovation for our customers.

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Product benefits

_ Reika lines are known worldwide for stability and reliability. Reika equipment is hard to find on the used machinery market, as the lifetime of the machines is outstanding. Reika is continuously striving to maximize cost efficiency of this technology for the benefit of customer bottom line.


Rigid machine design, as well as consistant use of high quality material and components from well-known manufacturers, are setting high-quality standards. Reika is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.


Reika machines demonstrate particular value in high quality, high value and high precision machining operations. Successful high volume serial production in the automotive industry and its suppliers using Reika equipment has demonstrated Reika’s reliability, process capability and last but not least high quality.


Investing in Reika machines will pay off in the long run. Long tool life, reduced tool cost and less use of operating utilities compared to other lines, ensure a very favourable TCO value (total cost of ownership). We will supply a calculation to compare the cost upon request.


Reika machines are well known for their rigid design with extremely long lifetime. Some machines are working successfully for more than 40 years now. High spare parts availability and first class machine service, our company’s activities are rounded out by extensive after-sales service. Spare parts can be delivered even for older machine models.

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