Finishing Lines/All-In Systems

_ Main idea of the Reika finishing lines: Optimizing the material flow and logistics processes while simultaneously reducing labor costs. The tube material is transported automatically through all machining and testing stations without port cranes until completion.

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  1. Automated and optimized material flow
  2. Reduction of staff cost
  3. Scrap reduction
  4. Increase of output
  5. Cancellation of interim storage facilities
  6. Shorter processing times
  7. Material flow monitoring and networking

Integrating the non-destructive testing equipment into the material and data flow will lead to a significant reduction in scrap ends by automatic length optimization of the basic tube material. Fixed lengths and individually customized lengths can be manufactured subject to position and length of the flaws by intelligent and automatic processing.

Example: Finishing Line for hot-rolled steel tubes

Reika finishing lines increase efficiency in manufacturing seamless stainless steel tubes and drawn tubes. Optimizing the tube lengths is essential, especially when considering the value of the basic tube material. Flaws can be cut out accurately and automatically to the required length. The basic tube material will be optimized to fixed and individually customized lengths.

Automatic optimization systems recognize and calculate the necessary cuts and tube lengths, making human intervention and interim storage facilities unnecessary. Longtime experience at customer mills provides proof of up to 2 to 3 % material savings per year.

Example: Finishing Line for seamless stainless steel tubes

Finishing lines will be used for seamless tubes, as the basic tube material will vary and there is special need for non-destructive tube testing. Reducing staff cost and scrap material is possible, especially when handling hot-rolled tubes. Starting from the straightener via testing lines, cutting to customized lengths and finally chamfering and bundling, all systems can be automized.

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