Straightening Lines

Straightening Lines

_ Overall tube straightness, operator safety and reduced emissions are part of Reika’s straightening technology, providing our customers with a significant competitive edge.


  1. Overall tube straightness
  2. Automatic and precise adjustment of straightening parameters
  3. High degree of repeatable precision
  4. Process control with single drives
  5. Long machine lifetime
  6. Operator safety by built-in protection systems
  7. Reduced emissions by sandwich design and insulation elements
  8. Minimum roller wear with single drives

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Hot Straightener

Reika straightening machines in rigid construction for permanent precise tube straightness. The Reika machine design assures long life and low operating cost.

Straightening Lines

Example: Straightening Machine RRM 103


  1. Hot-rolled, drawn, cold-pilgered and longitudinally welded tubes
  2. Hot-rolled and drawn round bars
  3. Low and high alloy carbon steel, stainless steel, Inconel
  4. Tempered steel
  5. Non-ferrous metal

_ Benefits:

  1. State-of-the-art straightening technology in machine tool design
  2. Single drives with process monitoring control (i.e. torque and speed)
  3. Narrow roller distance
  4. Low roller wear due to individual arrangement
  5. Automatic and repeatable precision of roller setting:
    1. No-wear column clamping
    2. Absolute encoder
    3. Single arrangement (19/11 axis)
    4. Integrated database
    5. Interpolation mode
  6. Material saving and sound-absorbing transport systems
  7. Automatic tube inlet and outlet systems available
  8. Slant bed design available
  9. Easy to integrate extraction and emulsion units
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Model 2/10 rollers

Model: SRM 62/102
Tube diameter: 30 - 100 mm
Model: SRM 60/100
Tube diameter: 15 - 60 mm

Model 6/10 rollers

Model: RRM 60/100
Tube diameter: 10 - 30 mm
Model: RRM 63/103
Tube diameter: 25 - 133 mm
Model: RRM 64/104
Tube diameter: 60 - 190 mm
Model: RRM 65/105
Tube diameter: 90 - 273 mm
Model: RRM 67/107
Tube diameter: 139 - 427 mm

More machines tailored to customer requirements

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