Endworking Machines
Model: Endworking Machines
Tube diameter: 10 - 219 mm
Bar diameter: 10 - 100 mm
Workpiece length: 20 - 2000 mm

_ Chamfering, facing, centering, drilling or thread drilling: Reika lines offer many options for endworking. Each process step can be integrated in your production programme in the most economic way, as a chain or stand-alone solution.


  1. Machining of tube cuts, round bars, forgings and hydroforming parts
  2. Precise and centric endworking on both ends of „shaft-shaped“ parts in one clamping operation
  3. Flexible CNC machining with state-of-the-art tool heads or with automatic tool changing systems
  4. Multilevel machining process
  5. Modular design
  6. Integration in existing systems
  7. Fixed workpiece, rotating tool

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Machining processes

  1. Inside and outside chamfering
  2. Facing
  3. Face milling
  4. Center drilling
  5. Thread drilling
  6. Drilling
  7. CNC-contour machining


  1. Tube and round bar cuts, forgings, hydroforming parts
  2. „Shaft-shaped“ parts with high precision standards related to ends
  3. Automotive parts, cylinder housings
  4. Serial parts and medium-sized batches

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